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Every effort has been made to ensure that the information herein contains accurate and reliable information prevailing at the time of publication. However, where the contents are at variance or in conflict with the Banking Act or related Guidelines and Directives issued by the Reserve Bank of Malawi, the latter shall take precedence over the former.
Directives & Guidelines
These are designed with the view to guiding market players on proper functioning of the banks by following international best practices. Building on the relevant Acts, the directives and guidelines afford regulatory flexibility to address emerging issues that would not otherwise wait upon the review of the acts and so add value to the financial system

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Document Title Released
 Directive - Submission of Information by Banks May 25, 2016
 Prompt Corrective Action Directive Aug 04, 2014
 Financial Asset Classification Directive Aug 04, 2014
 Fit and Proper Directive for Shareholders, Directors and Senior Management of Banks Mar 20, 2014
 Record Keeping Directive for Banks Jan 02, 2014
 Bank Licensing directive Oct 31, 2013
 Banking (Foreign Currency Exposure Limits) Directive Oct 31, 2013
 Banks (Premises Inspection) Directive Oct 31, 2013
 Large exposures and Credit Concentration Limits for banks directive Oct 31, 2013
 Transactions with related parties directive Oct 31, 2013
 ICAAP Guidelines May 09, 2013
 Operational Risk Guidelines May 09, 2013
 Market Disclosure Guidelines May 09, 2013
 ICAAP Internal Supervisory Guidelines May 09, 2013
 Guidelines - Stress Testing May 09, 2013
 Credit Risk Guidelines May 09, 2013
 Guidelines-Market Risk - March 2013 May 09, 2013
 Disclosure of Information by Banking Institutions Directive Oct 27, 2011
 Foreign Currency Lending Ratio Directive Oct 27, 2011
 Directive on Annual Audits Dec 15, 2010
 Directive on Large Exposures Dec 15, 2010
 Directive on New Directors Dec 15, 2010
 Directive on Transactions with Related Persons Dec 15, 2010
 Supervisory Fees Directive Dec 15, 2010
 Premises Inspection Directive Dec 15, 2010
 Directive on Forex-Exposure Limits Dec 15, 2010
 Directive on Foreign Currency Lending Dec 15, 2010
 Directive on Call-Report-2004 Dec 15, 2010
 Customer Due Diligence Directive Dec 15, 2010
 Banks Minimum Capital Ratios DIRECTIVE Dec 15, 2010
 Policy Statement On The Prudential Aspects Of Bank Liquidity Dec 15, 2010
 Liquidity Reserve Requirement Directive Dec 15, 2010
 Risk Management Guidelines For Malawi Dec 15, 2010
 Guide To Risk Management Framework - 2008 Dec 15, 2010
 Corporate Governance Guidelines Dec 15, 2010
Supervision of Banks
Broadly, Supervision and regulation of banks is aimed at safeguarding the interests of both present and potential depositors and other creditors as well as to ensure safety, soundness and stability of the banking system
Licensing Requirements and Guidelines
The purpose of a vigilant licensing process is to protect the interests of depositors and the public and help minimise future bank failures by ensuring that only fit and proper players are allowed to conduct banking business in the country. Bank licensing policy helps ensure that only shareholders of appropriate standing and repute with adequate financial capacity are licensed to conduct banking business. Subject to this requirement, impediments to the entry of new players are kept to a minimum with the view to levelling the playing field and open up the system to fair competition and product innovation
List of Banks & Other Financial Institutions
Information on Banks and other financial institutions (deposit taking and non deposit taking) supervised by Reserve Bank of Malawi
Other Financial Institutions
Credit Reference Bureaux
  • Credit Data CRB Limited
  • CRB Africa (Mw) Limited
Address: Capital Hill
P.O. BOX 30049
Lilongwe 3
Telephone:+265 1 782 199
Telex:    44407
Telefax: +265 781 679
E Mail:
Address: Convention Drive
P.O. BOX 30063
Lilongwe 3
Telephone:+265 1 770 600
Telex: +265 1 744 788
Telefax: +265 1 784 752
E mail:

Address: 10 Hannover Street
P.O. BOX 565
Telephone: +265 1 820 299/444 
Telefax: +265 1 822 118
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